Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Visit with Griffin

Duke: "Hey, maybe it's quiet over there."

Griffin: "Let's go, let's run, why are you standing here, why are you grumpy, let's go, blah blah blah"
Maggie: "OMG, I am going to bite him in the face. Maybe he will shut up if we ignore him."
 Duke: "Holy crap, maybe I can borrow Mr.Man's earplugs."

Griffin: "Let's go, let's run, why are you standing here, why are you grumpy, let's go, blah blah blah."

Maggie: "Still ignoring, must resist urge to kick his fuzzy butt."
 Duke: "Hey lady, can you make him shut up? Please?"
Griffin: "You guys are boring, let's run, why are you standing here, let's gooooooo....."
Maggie: "One more minute and I'm out of here. This freak is ridiculous."
 Duke: "Hey Maggie, where are you going? He finally shut up. It's a miracle."
Griffin: "What? Who shut up?"

Maggie: "Nice, Nana has food."

Griffin: "Hey, who has what?"

 Duke: "Wonder what she's bringing us?"

If anyone has ideas on how to get an overexcited giant schnauzer to stop barking, please let us know!


  1. Hahahaha! It sounds like they had a great time, even if a certain Schnauzer doesn't know when to be quiet.

    1. They had fun, Griffin shoved Duke into the pond, which he thought was great! They zoomed around the yard until they were exhausted, those pictures are super blurry.

  2. I've found 2 ways to keep a dog who likes to bark quiet-
    1)Close them in the room with us, low light levels, curtains closed, very little stimulation and they sleep. This works only when everyone in the house is behind closed doors.
    2) Run them ragged. Play ball, go to the dog park, anything to keep them moving and occupied. Then they'll sleep.

  3. Those are some great pictures! At least the Schnauzer LOOKs happy, right? ^^

    1. He's TOO happy! He loves it when we bring the dogs over to my parents' house, but he barks non stop while they're playing in the yard. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have a painfully high pitched bark that sounds like it should come out of a much smaller dog.

  4. If you figure out how please let us know, Ziggy wont stop barking tooo!!!

    1. Griffin does stop barking when he's tired, but it takes a while. I don't know if it's possible to keep him from barking non stop while they're playing in the yard. He's pretty good in the house, just too crazy outside!

  5. I tried posting this signing in from my Wordpress account, but apparently that's not working. For the record, this is shanendoah from life by pets...
    We found two ways to keep a dog that likes to bark from barking:
    1- close the dog in a small dark room with you and no outside distractions. They will sleep instead of bark
    2- keep the dog as busy as possibly- fetch or other games that require them to use their mouths for something other than barking are good. Tire the dog out, and then they sleep.
    However, I know of no ways to get a dog that is trying to get another dog to play with it to stop barking except by separating the two. That works at the dog park when Junebug sets her sites on someone who will obviously not play, but does not work as well at home when she thinks Howie should be playing with her.

    1. That's the problem, Griffin usually barks at Maggie to get her to play with him. He used to ignore Duke until Duke body slammed him; Griffin looked down at him like "Hey, you're cool!" Now the boys play together; Duke gets stomped on and pops up wagging his tail, he thinks it's all fun. Maggie, not so much.