Saturday, April 28, 2012

Roxy update

Hey, it's Roxy!

I'm still hanging out with the nice people at Buddy Dog. There is a whole album of pictures of me on their Facebook page, check it out here.

If you're looking for a classic black lab, come visit me at Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA. There are lots of other nice dogs here too, plus a bunch of cats, or so I've heard. I'm not a big fan of cats, but I love people! Other big dogs are cool too.

There is a nice trail at the shelter if you want to go for a walk, I always do!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Come to the dog side....

The Dog Side
The Cat Side

"Come to the dog side..."
"Duke, I am your ti-gwah"

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Super Sato Action Adventure Hounds

Duke: "Hey guys, wait up! The lady just said that Mr.Man's mega fanny pack has all the snacks!"

Maggie: "Ha ha, you're stuck with picture lady and we have all the supplies!"

 Duke: "Hey lady, can I get one of those cool dog backpacks?"

Lady: "We'll see how you do with a harness first."

Duke: "Yay, I get a harness and a snack pack next!"

Maggie: "I better not have to get any of that stuff, this collar is bad enough."

Mr.Man: "Yeah, it's too steep to take the dogs down there."

Maggie: "We could do it, no problem."

Duke: "Hey Maggie, your face says yes but your tail says no."

Maggie: "You're way back there, what do you know."

Duke: "I'm only back here because the lady is taking more pictures."

Maggie: "Why do we have to wait for the water bowl, we could just drink out of the stream."

Duke: "Yeah, the foldy water bowl is weird."

Maggie: "It is not, I'm closer so I get it first."

Duke: "I bet your head looks huge in the picture."

Maggie: "Your nose is pointier."

Duke: "Aw man, you totally back washed into this thing. Glad the lady is holding it up for me so I can keep an eye out for scary hikers while drinking."

Maggie: "Ha ha, next time drink first. None of the hikers are going to get you, weirdo."

Duke: "The ones coming up the trail are pretty loud, who knows what they're capable of."

Maggie: "Have you seen Mr.Man? He's the scary one, and I'm walking with him just fine."

Duke: "He's not scary, he's fun! More fun than slow picture lady."

Duke: "I'll show you the Mr. Teefth face if you give me another treat. Mr. Teefth likes hiking."

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Visit with Griffin

Duke: "Hey, maybe it's quiet over there."

Griffin: "Let's go, let's run, why are you standing here, why are you grumpy, let's go, blah blah blah"
Maggie: "OMG, I am going to bite him in the face. Maybe he will shut up if we ignore him."
 Duke: "Holy crap, maybe I can borrow Mr.Man's earplugs."

Griffin: "Let's go, let's run, why are you standing here, why are you grumpy, let's go, blah blah blah."

Maggie: "Still ignoring, must resist urge to kick his fuzzy butt."
 Duke: "Hey lady, can you make him shut up? Please?"
Griffin: "You guys are boring, let's run, why are you standing here, let's gooooooo....."
Maggie: "One more minute and I'm out of here. This freak is ridiculous."
 Duke: "Hey Maggie, where are you going? He finally shut up. It's a miracle."
Griffin: "What? Who shut up?"

Maggie: "Nice, Nana has food."

Griffin: "Hey, who has what?"

 Duke: "Wonder what she's bringing us?"

If anyone has ideas on how to get an overexcited giant schnauzer to stop barking, please let us know!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Twin pack

Susie and Sasha are 1 year old sisters that are very bonded and are looking for a home together. They're shy at first but then very sweet and cuddly when they get to know you. This picture was taken when they went on their first leash walk ever! They did really well and are small enough that walking 2 dogs at once is manageable.
(Not like our 2 punks, who now have a combined weight of 103 pounds! Yay, now I get an upper body workout on walks when Maggie & Duke see a squirrel.)

Sasha is the cutie on the left with the serious face and Susie is the cutie with the slightly worried face.
Some people have asked us if it's a lot more work having 2 dogs than one, and we actually think it's easier. The dogs have each other for support, playtime and snuggling. They already get along, so there is no worry about finding the right match for a buddy. Sasha and Susie are small/medium size dogs, so food and preventative vet care wouldn't be much more than for one large dog. They're small enough that they could go to appointments together, and many vets now offer multiple pet discounts. (Luckily for us!)

If you're interested in meeting this twin pack of puppies, please call or visit Buddy Dog Humane Society!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maggie's Gotcha Day

The first time I saw Maggie was her adoption listing in April 2008. I completely forgot how this was worded, what the fuzz was I thinking! (Mr.Man wasn't surprised at all, he says that I like projects.)
He had been going home for lunch everyday since his new job was so close, so I said that he could walk a dog while he was there. He wasn't sure if this was a good idea since we already had the 4 cats. It was near my birthday, so whenever he asked what I wanted I just said "a dog".
He agreed as long as it wouldn't eat the cats. I went by Buddy Dog Humane Society after work, since we had adopted Cocoa & Ozzy there the year before, and saw this shy dog curled into a ball at the very back of her kennel. I sat on the floor outside for about 20 minutes and then asked if I could take her for a walk. They said that the staff had been carrying her everywhere since she was too scared to walk. We figured that I might as well try, so I slipped a collar over her head, said "come on, little dog" and she walked through the shelter to the outside. She was very scared of the cars and parking lot, but relaxed once we went down the trail behind the shelter. She liked being in the woods, and seemed terrified of anything related to civilization. We didn't realize that she thought men were extra scary, since she was so fearful in general.

This is a picture of Maggie that was in a card written by Margie; she and Doris found Maggie with "her mother and siblings in an abandoned house. They were very scared of people and strong noises. They were approximately 3 months old. They had skin problems because they were in an area that looked like a garbage dump. It was a horrible place." She wrote that she kept Maggie longer than the others as "she was shy with people" and "needed more time to teach her to trust us."
   She filled up the entire inside of the card and the back with information about her "special baby." It was obvious how much she cared. I love the "X" on Maggie and the way the other dog is looking up at the puppies. I hope Margie will see this someday and know how grateful we are to her and the others at Save a Sato in Puerto Rico for saving Maggie and thousands of other dogs like her and Duke from a short life on the street.

  Buddy Dog has worked with Save a Sato to find homes for stray and abandoned dogs for more than 10 years. As education, spaying and neutering reduced the number of homeless pets in New England, the shelter had room to take in dogs from PR and the southern US. They never turn away a local dog in need to take in dogs from other areas.

Four years later, I'm still so glad that Maggie is the dog we brought home. She's doubled in size, more than doubled in confidence and is the best velcro dog I could have picked. I wish I could wake up as happy and full of energy as she does every single morning. She's no longer scared of mailboxes, trash cans or cars, and will trot down the sidewalk with her tail in the air as traffic goes by. She loves to run in the rain, isn't scared of thunder and knows when to stop teasing the cats. She still gets startled sometimes and doesn't let many people pet her, but has finally started to like scary Mr.Man. Not bad for a dog that missed some crucial socialization!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pibble cat

 Duke: "Hey Lady, the big cat is acting weird again."

Maggie: "Activate Super Sato vision, I sense a disturbance in the fur."

Duke: "Hey Lady, Maggie's acting weird again too."

The Dude: "I'm just a big Pibble chillin' on my dog bed with all my toys. "