Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Easiest Cat Costume Ever

Ta-dahh! I'm a new laptop!

Actually, I've always been a laptop.

Ooh, a twist tie! This is the best day ever!
Happy Halloween! Hope everyone has as much fun as The Dude!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hello Kitty

Oooh, I love it, it's for me!

I always wanted a pink grooming station.

The Dude is secure in his masculinity.
Okay, so it's a little awkward.

You can wrap it for the kid when I finish this leg.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dynamo Dog Functional Treats

Gimme more please! I sit pretty, now Gimme!
Maggie thought these Dynamo Dog Functional Treats were amazing! She doesn't care that they're grain free, gluten free, all natural, full of healthy ingredients and made in the USA. She just knows that they taste great! (Maggie tends to be really picky, she'll drop treats on the floor if she isn't a fan)

Maggie: I'm sitting again, gimme Duke's share! Duke: Can't stop wagging, treats are awesome. mmmmm....

Duke is a big fan of these treats too, I could barely get him to sit still for a picture.

Helloooo, us dogs are sitting politely, enough with the pictures!
That was until they realized there were more Dynamo Dog Bacon and Cheese Hip and Joint treats left in the sample bag. They're soft, chewy and the perfect size for training treats. As a supplement the suggested feeding amount is 1 treat per day since the pups fall at the high end of the 27-54 lb range, so it's a good thing the treats were easy to break in half.

The dogs are glad that Pet Source gave them out in their sample tote at Buddy Dog's Woofstock!