Saturday, August 31, 2013

Senior Pets

8 year old Serena helping with posts
13 year old Ozzy looking for attention
13 year old Cocoa Bean looking for tummy rubs
8 year old Dude looking for his next victim
 It's weird that all of our cats would be considered senior pets. They're all really active and want to be involved in whatever we're doing.

Serena was one when we brought her home as a buddy for the Dude. She'd play with him, but they weren't best friends. We brought 7 year old Ozzy and Cocoa home a year later, and Ozzy and the Dude became instant best buddies. At 13 Ozzy is still the goofiest and most active cat in the house; he'll jump 6 feet across the room out of the blue.

The strangest thing is that we've had Doug the lizard for 13 years and don't know his age!

Doug is at least 15, maybe 20, years old

And they wonder why we call them the baby dogs at about 6 and 5

Monday, August 5, 2013

Rescue Dogs

Peruvian dogs in need of rescue. Photo from
 These are some of the many dogs in Peru that really need to be rescued. This picture is from Sue Yancey's Damn Dog House blog, where this post shows the terrible conditions that many dogs live in. If anyone has contacts with international rescues that could provide helpful information please email Sue at or contact her on facebook.

Peruvian Inca Orchid, Sue and Chinese Crested in the travel trailer.
Photo from

Sue is the founder of Naked K9 & Small Dogs Rescue and has spent countless hours driving across the U.S. to rescue and rehome Chinese Crested and other small breed dogs. She recently flew to Peru to rescue 2 Peruvian Inca Orchid dogs, one who is now a permanent member of her family. She then drove from Michigan to Washington, DC to pick up a dog flying in from Peru, the story is detailed in her post Mom, can you take it? Her dedication to rescuing and rehoming dogs plus fostering a houseful of kids is truly inspiring. Any help that people active in the dog community can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Former street dogs, now couch hogs.
Maggie and Duke were rescued from living on the streets of Puerto Rico by Save A Sato. We don't feel like we rescued them, we just adopted them from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury. Buddy Dog brings dogs up from Puerto Rico when they have room, and Sue would like help setting up a similar program between Peru and Michigan for Peruvian Inca Orchid dogs. Please feel free to forward any helpful information to Sue at, she's making a difference but can always use the help!