Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ice Storm

Unfortunately this close up of the grass is a result of sliding off the icy back steps.

Trees near Duke's winter "bathroom area".

No, Duke, I'm really taking a picture of the tree. It's not that kind of website.

Maggie: "Are you serious? Can we go in yet?"

Duke: "Yeah, this is truly amazing. Let's go, my feet are cold."

Neighbors' blueberry bushes
 We now have about 3" of hard snow on the ground and might get another 8" by morning, yay. Hope the new snow is fluffy and we can finally get some good dog snow angel pictures!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

The Dude not planning his next tree attack...if you believe that....

The Dude window shopping.

Look out below, Ozzy!
Ozzy safe on higher ground.
Maggie and Duke waiting for cheese.
Maggie guarding the tree from rogue tiger cats.
Cocoa waiting for toys.
Serena relaxing.
Doug on his jungle gym.
Merry Christmas from 4 cool cats, 2 punk dogs and a lizard on his tree!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Too big...

Are you serious? Do I look like a pack animal?

Duke: Ok, I'm little, I got it.   Maggie: Why are you wearing a duffel bag?
The other day I went to Buddy Dog Humane Society to drop off the Deluxe Fleece Pad that Kuranda sent us for being part of the Dog of the Month contest on their blog. While I was there I found a used Medium Ruffwear pack in the donation bin, and for a small donation it was mine! All the reviews I've seen say their gear is great, so I was pretty excited.

The Ruffwear site sizing is Medium for dogs that measure 27" to 32" around the widest part of the ribcage and Small for 22" to 27". They recommend choosing the next smallest size if in between sizes; of course Maggie is 27" and Duke is 30" (he's a little chunky).
I think we need a bigger dog.
Maggie: I sense embarrassment ahead.   Duke: I can't look, this is pathetic.
Maggie: I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry.
Adjustable harness with fleece strap covers and pack.

Harness, pack and 2 water bladders. (One is missing the cap. Did I mention it's FREE?)

Since the pack is way too big for the punks, we're giving it away!

I think it looks like an older model Palisades pack since it does have removable saddlebags and a heavy duty harness. It's in really good shape, aside from missing the cap on one of the water bladders.

If you have a bigger dog and are interested in a free used Ruffwear pack, please leave a comment below and Maggie and Duke will select a random winner next week!
Cocoa inspected

Ozzy inspected

Dude approved

Monday, December 3, 2012

Why we can't have nice things...

Did you say "Go Somewhere?"

Duke is sure we did!

Woo hoo, we're going to Nana's house!

While we were at my parents' house we left the dogs unattended while we went to pick up their Christmas tree. This is after the dogs ran around the yard like maniacs for the second time. When I came back in, Mom asked "Did you have a pair of black gloves?" I knew this was not good...

What we found...
Before and After
Not really sure how they turned it inside out
I'm just glad they didn't chew up any of my parents' stuff!