Saturday, November 24, 2012

Look familiar?


Does Godiva remind you of anyone? Maggie isn't quite sure, but Duke has an idea....

Wait, is she one of us mystery dogs?
Maggie and Duke might have a long lost younger sister at Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury!
Not really, but she does look like a similar mix of breeds.

Godiva is a 3 year old female Pointer/Hound mix, at least that's what we think Maggie and Duke are, maybe with some Terrier thrown in for the fun factor.

Godiva is friendly, active and loves to go for walks, sounds like our 2 but without their fear issues, which is a definite plus for her! She's new to Buddy Dog, please email for more information.

Seriously? There are more of us?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Maggie, Duke and the Swamp Thing

WARNING - Turn down the sound on your computer as the clip involves a very barky giant schnauzer!

This is what Maggie and Duke will be doing on Sunday; they'll be running around with Griffin, another Buddy Dog Humane Society alumnus. Whether you're looking for a large or small dog, Buddy Dog has everything from Chihuahuas, Havanese and Maltese to Coonhounds, Huskies and Rottweilers, plus Labs, Terrier mixes and of course more Super Satos like Maggie and Duke! 

Though you can't tell from the name, Buddy Dog also has a lot of cool cats too, from tigers and tabbies to calico cats, beautiful black cats and silvery grey cats. Click on the word dog or cat to go to their adoption pages and check out the available cuties!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Nor'easter?

Does Mr.Man need help with the driveway?           

Hey Maggie, I kiss your face! 

Open the door already, our toes are cold!

 The 5 inches of snow we had last week is already gone, woo hoo! The dogs had fun running around the first night, the novelty wore off a bit once it started to ice up. I wasn't able to get a video of Duke making snow angels; luckily I have all winter to get coordinated enough to manage a camera, 2 crack dogs and 2 fifteen foot leashes on snow and ice. Hope everything is good where you are!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Help America's Vet Dogs! (for Free!)

Image from
On Veterans Day, Sunday, November 11, you can help America's Vet Dogs provide guide dogs and assistance dogs to disabled veterans. It's FREE, just tweet #thankavet and the HISTORY Channel will donate $1 to America's Vet Dogs for each tweet! This is such a great fundraiser, as America's Vet Dogs is a non-profit organization and receives no government funding, though they provide service, guide and therapy dogs to veterans and active duty personnel.

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A few months ago  we met 2 veterans and their dogs at a presentation, and the bond between the dogs and the veterans was amazing to see in person. One of the dogs would put his paw on his person's foot or lean against him every few minutes to give him support. The dogs were so happy to go everywhere with their people, we could hear their tails thumping across the room! I think all of us teared up while hearing the veterans describe their experiences and the difference the dogs made in their lives. 

 America's Vet Dogs works in partnership with The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, and has opportunities to volunteer to raise puppies for the program in the states on the attached list. The Foundation provides vet care and supplies, including a crate, and any expense the puppy raiser incurs, such as food, is tax deductible if receipts are saved. Please help this great organization by tweeting
#thankavet on Sunday, November 11! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Check this out...

Maggie is worried about dogs that don't have houses (or couches).

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is still on our minds, and we feel especially worried about people who didn't have flood insurance. This time of year we always hear about changing our smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries when we change the clocks for daylight savings. It would also be a good idea for everyone to check their home insurance policies to see if they have enough coverage, regular home insurance doesn't cover flooding at all. Separate flood insurance is needed if you're in a flood plain area.

Duke and The Dude say "Hey Lady, this is boring." (Maggie is still worried about the dogs and their peoples.)
Another thing to check is if you have replacement contents coverage. If you've been following the story on Kissa-Bull, they didn't have insurance to cover replacing what they lost in the fire, and their rental coverage was only for 3 months, though it took 10 months to rebuild their house. Can you imagine having to pay your  mortgage plus rent for 7 months, plus buy new clothes, beds, etc? Eeek.

Ozzy's looking out for the dogs.
We had insurance when we only had a little apartment, even though we didn't have a lot and it probably wasn't worth much. I couldn't imagine coming up with the money to buy all of our clothes and furniture at once if something happened, and we only had Doug the Lizard at the time.

Duke thinks the couch is much better than dog beds. Maggie just likes having a bed.
Now that we have a house, 2 dogs and 4 cats plus Doug, it would cost a lot more to replace all of our furniture, clothes, dog beds, etc, if there was a disaster. Please check your home insurance or apartment insurance to see what it would really cover. Even if you don't have much, it wouldn't be cheap to replace everything.

If you're able to help victims of Hurricane Sandy, please go to the American Red Cross to donate, or to find a local blood donation center. It's free and easy to donate blood, it only took about half an hour when I went last month. (Plus they have free snacks! The dogs are all about free snacks.)