Saturday, April 21, 2012

Super Sato Action Adventure Hounds

Duke: "Hey guys, wait up! The lady just said that Mr.Man's mega fanny pack has all the snacks!"

Maggie: "Ha ha, you're stuck with picture lady and we have all the supplies!"

 Duke: "Hey lady, can I get one of those cool dog backpacks?"

Lady: "We'll see how you do with a harness first."

Duke: "Yay, I get a harness and a snack pack next!"

Maggie: "I better not have to get any of that stuff, this collar is bad enough."

Mr.Man: "Yeah, it's too steep to take the dogs down there."

Maggie: "We could do it, no problem."

Duke: "Hey Maggie, your face says yes but your tail says no."

Maggie: "You're way back there, what do you know."

Duke: "I'm only back here because the lady is taking more pictures."

Maggie: "Why do we have to wait for the water bowl, we could just drink out of the stream."

Duke: "Yeah, the foldy water bowl is weird."

Maggie: "It is not, I'm closer so I get it first."

Duke: "I bet your head looks huge in the picture."

Maggie: "Your nose is pointier."

Duke: "Aw man, you totally back washed into this thing. Glad the lady is holding it up for me so I can keep an eye out for scary hikers while drinking."

Maggie: "Ha ha, next time drink first. None of the hikers are going to get you, weirdo."

Duke: "The ones coming up the trail are pretty loud, who knows what they're capable of."

Maggie: "Have you seen Mr.Man? He's the scary one, and I'm walking with him just fine."

Duke: "He's not scary, he's fun! More fun than slow picture lady."

Duke: "I'll show you the Mr. Teefth face if you give me another treat. Mr. Teefth likes hiking."


  1. Those are great pictures!

    Elka refuses to drink from the foldy water bowl. She'll watch me pour the water in it, then reach across and grabe the opposite rim, and shake it.

    1. Thanks, I had to keep stopping to take the pictures; Duke would look at me like "hurry up already!"

      Elka is awesome, that's so funny! Duke had about 10 drinks of water out of my hand before he used the bowl. Maggie loves to drink out of streams, which is probably why she had giardia and leptospirosis a few year ago. They both get shots for everything now!

  2. They are so cute!
    I also have the problem needing to stop to take pictures at the dog park. C bugs me about it more than the dogs do- probably because they are off leash and don't really care how fast I'm moving.

  3. Hey! Where's the cookies?

  4. That looks like a cool place to hike! I love finding new places to walk. It's nice to hike in a new place. Are your dogs able to be off leash in these areas?

    1. This is Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, MA, which is listed as an on leash park. We did the outer trails with the dogs and not the actual chasm, which is only a quarter mile long but incredibly rocky and steep. There is a 75 foot drop from the top in spots, so I wouldn't really recommend it for off leash.

    2. Oh yes I know Purgatory. I live a few towns over from it. I haven't brought my pup there yet but it looks like a nice place to walk. I'm always looking for new walking places.