Sunday, March 11, 2012

The short lived couch experiment

Ozzy loves to hang out with the dogs. I have no idea how an 8 lb skinny cat looks as big as a 43 lb dog, talk about weird camera perspective. Maggie loves to nose honk the cats so she can chase them, but Ozzy will sit up like a bear and box instead of running. Maggie was still thinking about trying it again.

Duke loves to cuddle up to me or the Mr., whoever is on the cozy couch. People thought we were crazy to let the animals on the new couch, but we thought it would be okay if it was under supervision. This was before Maggie had a UTI & leaked all over 2 cushions; it took 2 weeks and a 24 oz bottle of enzyme cleaner to get rid of the smell. (yay Nature's Miracle) Her reaction to Proin was even less fun, think of the Exorcist in the kitchen. So glad the UTI cleared up & it's (hopefully) not related to spay incontinence.

As the mean lady, I booted them off the couch onto soft new dog beds. At $20 each from HomeGoods, I figured that it wouldn't be a huge loss if they were shredded. So far they've survived for about 6 months, only because the dogs are not allowed in the living room without us. Right now there is a ridiculous fake sheepskin throw over the dog beds so half the floor is covered by dog cozy land.

Puppy still likes the couch a lot better.


  1. I agree on yay for Nature's Miracle. It is, in fact, a miracle.
    Our dogs are also allowed on couches, but also are rarely in the living room without us. June doesn't destroy the furniture, but anything that's within reach on the table or counter (plastic bag, knife, scissors, pen, etc) is fair game as far as she's concerned.

    1. We're pretty sure the punks would gut the pillows if left for about 15 minutes. Maggie once unstuffed her dog bed overnight & filled her entire crate to the ceiling with fluff. I wish the camera battery was charged that morning.

  2. Oh yeah, thank goodness for Nature's Miracle! Between Beau in his old age followed by Bella in her puppy stage, we went through a fair amount of the stuff in 2008.

    I do hope Miss Maggie will stay feeling better.

    Love the picture of all 3 on the couch. Very cute. :)