Friday, February 17, 2012

Before Duke

Before Duke, Maggie just had the 2 tiger boys. Ozzy & Dude love to hang out with the dogs. Ozzy will headbutt the dogs in the face and flop over onto his back next to them. Dude will whack the dogs' legs and run around the house with his tail flapping while they chase him. He'll jump onto the couch or bed and whine when he's tired of playing, but he'll still be purring. He's definitely a puppycat.

Technically, Maggie also had Serena & Cocoa, but they just tolerate the dogs. Duke wanted to sit next to Serena on the couch but realized that wasn't the best idea. Every now and then she'll headbutt one of the dogs in the legs, look up, "meep" really loudly and then bunny hop away like a giant squeeky toy. She gets extremely upset when they chase her, not realizing that she started it.

Cocoa barely tolerates the tiger boys, much less the dogs or Serena. We adopted her with Ozzy when they were 6; the shelter said they had to go together as they were bonded since kittenhood. Once they got here she went one way and Ozzy went the other, they're rarely in the same room.

Cocoa loves Mr.Man & will follow him around the house when he gets home & screech loudly until he picks her up. It's tough to get a picture of her big blue eyes because she squints and starts kneading the closest item when she gets any attention. All of the cats love Mr.Man, obviously they didn't get the memo that he's a big scary guy, at least according to Maggie.

Cocoa loves people. She and Ozzy are the welcoming committee, the 2 of them come running to see whoever is at the door. The vet, the cable guy, they don't care who, people are here to see the meezy cats!

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