Sunday, February 26, 2012

15 minutes alone

This is when we knew we had a problem. Maggie has always been a chew-bot, obsessed with destroying toys & blankets. (Note the missing fringe on the rug - she took half of it off when I fell asleep on the couch one night.) Duke took it to a whole new level, as he dragged the blanket and leash across the house to destroy them in the living room. The traveling mystery dog destruction show had begun!

I've never seen a dog than can hack through a 6' nylon leash so fast. The first time we gave the dogs kongs with peanut butter I heard a weird noise after about 5 minutes. Duke was ripping chunks off the black "Extreme Kong" & spitting them out. Maggie had her kong for a year without a problem, so we went up a larger size to see if that would help. They both were ruined in about 10 minutes. I don't understand how a little whippet mix can destroy toys in minutes that supposedly keep pitbulls entertained for an hour!
We don't really know what breed Maggie & Duke are as they're street dogs from Puerto Rico, aka Satos. A friend's daughter calls them the mystery dogs. Maggie is a year older, so they're not litter mates, though they certainly look & act like it. Right now they're curled up together on one dog bed even though there are two in here. The blue bed from this pic is long gone.


  1. I love naughty dogs! I have an Airedale terrier and am drawn to the terrier breeds for the precise reason that they are so naughty! Could there be a Jack Russel terrier in your doggie mix? The way they chew makes me wonder. And, one looks like a Jack mix to me. How fun to have two naughty dogs!

    1. Maggie does look like a giant (43 pound)Jack Russell. A friend has 3 Jacks & her newest rescue is a mini-Maggie; they have the same redhead coloring. It's so much better with 2 dogs, they help keep each other entertained.