Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dreaming of...


  1. What good sleepy doggies! We sleep on the couch like that too.

  2. Adventure. That is what I look like after a day on the kayak toy.

  3. COUCH!!! Hurray! I LOVE snoozing on the couch!


    Pee Ess Your person asked what kind of big-black-eye (camera) our person uses.

    When the weather is good and she doesn't mind carrying extra weight, or if we're inside, our person uses her big-heavy-eye which is a Canon 70D. She usually has an 18-200mm lens on there because that gets us close up and far away too.

    But this photo that you liked was taken with our person's "pocket camera", which is her smaller-black-eye that goes in her pocket and is always with us on walks, even in the rain and snow. This is a Canon SX710, and it does pretty well outside with motionless Dogs. (If we're running, the big-black-eye is waaaay better at capturing how majestic we are!)