Saturday, January 4, 2014

Safety First?

 Duke: Must look away, this is awkward.
Maggie: Hey, is that cheese?

 Duke: Why the heck can't I step out of this thing?
Maggie:This is stressing me out... my laser vision senses more cheese though.

 Duke: That isn't very ladylike posture.
Maggie: Whatever, I'm still getting cheese.

 Duke: Yeah, that looks so much better.
Maggie: Who are you, James Bond?
Duke: We are dressed for adventure...

 Maggie: Hey, I think I can rip this strap off. 
Duke: Are we done yet? I'm done if you're out of cheese.

Maggie: I can chew this off you in a minute.
Duke: Shh, she's still watching. She might get more cheese.


  1. Hailey hated her harness too and actually figured out how to get out of it! Hope you have better luck then we did! Lee and Phod

  2. LOL anything for cheese. More cheese please. We hated the harness too. Have a serene Sunday and get some big easy on today.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Those are some fancy harnesses, pals! If you need more cheese, I know where there is a pretty big stash. Just saying....
    Happy Monday.

  4. We sure hope you get used to those harnesses, sweet pals. In the meantime, more cheese, please! :)