Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Adorable Odd Couple

Zuni and Toby
 A friend that I met through work has the most adorable odd couple of pets. I think Zuni and Toby are about 2 years old and are pretty much inseparable. Zuni the dog has loved Toby ever since she first came home as a teeny puppy, and Toby the cat is amazingly tolerant. Zuni likes to capture Toby by the back leg and "drag" him around the house, while he's really hopping along behind her. He is such an awesome cat!

Toby is ready for adventure!

The unfortunate part is that my friend needs to move and would like to find a home for these two cuties together. Between working 2 jobs and school she barely has time for them, which she feels really isn't fair to them.

Zuni is a purebred, so I'm sure that people are thinking that she could contact the breeder. Well, her genius now-ex got her the dog as an unasked for Christmas present two years ago, and it turns out that the breeder was pretty much a hoarder, so she does not want Zuni going back to that situation.

She's hoping to find a home for them herself so they don't have to spend any time in a shelter, where they would most likely be separated. Toby is currently an indoor/outdoor cat, so the two of them have fun running around the fenced backyard. Zuni LOVES other dogs, and is great friends with the neighbors' dogs. She's even squeezed under the fence to play with them, while still attached to a long leash!

Zuni and Toby both love people and are great with kids. They love attention and hanging out with their people, Toby has even jumped in the car to go for a ride!

Zuni after a day at the groomers

 We're maxed out here with 2 dogs, 4 cats and a lizard in a small house, plus Maggie plays really rough, so I'd worry about her squashing Zuni. Cocoa and Serena would not take kindly to the addition of another dog or cat, otherwise I'd be writing a different post! They are currently living with my friend and her family in Massachusetts near Cape Cod.

Zuni at Halloween

If you or someone you know would like to adopt this adorable odd couple, please email your contact info and any questions to me at If you know of any rescue or organization that would be able to post a courtesy listing, please let me know. Hopefully this cute dog and her handsome tuxedo cat best friend can find a new home together!


  1. Oh, I do hope that they find a home together! They look so sweet!

  2. Oh my how sad and we hope Zuni and Toby can be re-homed together real quick. Paws are crossed. Have a great Sunday evening.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I do hope they find a good home! An add in the paper perhaps?

  4. How sad! We have a rescue group in DC that takes all types of dogs and there are often listings of 'must be placed together' so perhaps you guys have something similar up there. Good luck!

  5. oh - how cute they are!

    Good Luck - have you posted on FB? I think that would help!

  6. You have done a great job for this adorable odd couple. I hope that hope Zuni and Toby can be rehomed well.

    Marks Dorcel

  7. I hope they find a home together soon.

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  8. Oh no. I do hope they can find a home together. We'll share your post and hope it helps. They are so cute together!

  9. tweeted on Monday, will tweet again today. Wish I were closer to help out, but Seattle is a bit far away

  10. Odd couples are the best! I wish your friends duo could stay with their family!

  11. I have to love that cat in the bag! :)