Saturday, July 14, 2012

Super Satos!

Susie and Sasha
 Sasha and Susie are 1 year old medium size mixed breed sisters. They're the perfect size, not too big to get into the tub for a bath, not so small that they'll need a booster seat in the car. They have short, low maintenance fur, keep each other entertained and are looking for a home together.
 They were originally strays from Puerto Rico, aka Satos, like our Maggie and Duke. They tend to be shy with strangers, but are very sweet and cuddly once they get to know you. You won't have to worry about them jumping up and putting their paws on visitors!  Buddy Dog is hoping to find them a home that has experience with shy dogs.

Willie is also a Sato from Puerto Rico, where he lived with a foster family before coming to Buddy Dog.
He is a very happy and playful 1 year old Boxer mix, definitely not as low key as Susie and Sasha!  Willie gets along with some other dogs, mostly female, but is not a fan of cats. Buddy Dog recommends a home for Willie with kids ages 8 and up, as he is pretty energetic.

Willie - Mr. Romance
Willie isn't just a fun goofball, he does have a thoughtful side too. Wouldn't you like to see this cute face looking at you? For more information on Willie or Sasha and Susie please click on the Buddy Dog link or stop by the shelter on Route 20 in Sudbury, MA.


  1. I especially love Susie's one flop ear! It gives her a totally cool and laid back appearance, with that grin. I hope they find homes soon!

  2. They are adorable! Hoping they find their forever homes soon :)

  3. I like Buddy's sweet face. :)

  4. Satos are some of the sweetest dogs ever. They just want love. We hope these sweeties find forever homes real soon.

  5. They're all so lovely! Thank you for featuring them. The more people who see them, the sooner they'll find those perfect forever homes.