Saturday, June 23, 2012

Older cats rock!

This is Winston, an 8 year old DLH (Domestic Long Hair), possibly a Maine Coon mix. He was adopted from Buddy Dog some time ago but his owner passed away, so he's back to find a new home. He loves people but would prefer to be an only pet. He's very friendly, a video of him purring is here.

  You can really see Winston's beautiful fur in this shot of him testing out a newly donated bed.

This is Star, a 12-year-old female DLH. Star is friendly with other cats and people, though she can be a bit nervous around little kids. She's a cuddly lap cat who will make a great companion for a quiet family.

This is Ella, a 5-year-old female DLH. Ella was used to being an indoor/outdoor kitty, but now would prefer to be an indoor cat. She is friendly, enjoys attention from people and playing with her toys. Ella is looking for a quiet home with adults or a family with kids in their teens.

I've heard people comment that they would rather adopt a younger cat that they would have longer or that would be more playful. After adopting The Dude as a teeny 2 1/2 pound kitten that used to get stuck behind bookshelves or under the stove, I'd much rather have an older, calmer cat!

We adopted Ozzy and Cocoa as 7 year old cats and they're still fun and playful at 12 years old. One of my first cats lived to be almost 17, and she was active and healthy until the end. I don't miss looking for our little maniac kitten, as he's now a 5 year old 16 pound tiger who's pretty easy to find. Serena is our permanent kitten at age 5 with her round face and squeaky meow, plus she still chases her tail!

Buddy Dog Humane Society does have many younger cats with short hair and different colors, but if you're looking for a fluffy love bug, go meet Winston, Star or Ella as soon as possible!


  1. Hey guys good luck with the re-homing. Have a good weekend!
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks! Update - all of the dogs from the Puppies! post 2 weeks ago have been adopted!

  2. Good Luck with finding these cool cats new homes! I love the way long hair cats look, i'm just so allergic to most long hairs. Winston looks so wise!

    Happy Saturday,

    Bender Oak and Omi

    PS: Found you off two caveliers blog party!

  3. Check out OhMelvin, you got a Liebster Award!!!! Yay!!! (I have no clue how many readers folks have or if you gotten one before but you have another if so!)

  4. Good grief each one is prettier than the last! They're all so lovely - I hope they find their own special homes very soon.

  5. I see what you meen about winston's fur it looks so soft. Star and Ella are lovely aswell.

    They should have no problem finding there furever homes.

    The only problem is older cats get over looked in favour of kittens, which is a shame because they have so much love to give.

    PS. Thanks for following Sheba's life story.