Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hostile Takeover

The team's laser vision reveals a new strategy in the works
Outside consultants are called in

Serena senses danger in the tigers' laser vision and Maggie's Super Sato vision
Treachery is revealed! Duke is the silent partner behind the new co-chairs.
The Dude rebuffs Serena's attempt to regain the chair.
The Dude and Ozzy remain co-chair, but for how long.....?
Maggie is depressed by office politics.


  1. I love the pictures! It's great you got most of your 4 legged family in the pics. I can't even do that & I have half the pets you have. I hope you all enjoy our beautiful weather this weekend!

    1. It's weird how many times all six of them are in the same room with us. Right now Maggie, Duke, Cocoa and Ozzy are in here; the Dude just left to chase Serena.
      We made the mistake of starting a big yard work project & just came in for food. Now we don't want to go back out to finish it!

  2. What gorgeous kitties!! I love all the photos, and I agree with Trinitys Love ... we can't get all our animals in a photo either! :)

    1. Thanks! They just like to hang out together, it's kind of odd.

  3. Totally agree, I love those photos here also the wordings., I did have lot of fun reading it...keep posting..

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