Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We don't need no stinking collars!

This picture was taken the second to last time the dogs ever wore collars in the house. Maggie's third Lupine collar is in the foreground. They replaced 2 collars and I just didn't feel right about asking for a replacement again. Duke chewed the martingale loop off, probably after they destroyed the brand new rope toy. I think we were outside (left them unsupervised) for 20 minutes tops.

Note Duke's collection of towels, bones and toys that he dragged out of their crates. Yes, this would not have happened if they were in their crates, we've lost count of how many times we've said that. I filled out a separation anxiety checklist and they both scored 100%.

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  1. hahaha… These days dogs are also so smart and they know what they want. Thank you for sharing this post and keep posting more details about them with us