Saturday, February 11, 2012

Demolition Dog Racing

Demolition dog racing on the hill. 
Duke barks at Maggie because he can't catch up. Sometimes she chases him for a minute so she can body slam him across the yard. He's learned to cut across and shoulder check her, but she's still faster. 

I started using the lunge line to work on Maggie's recall, but now we use them all the time to walk in the back field & on the hill. 2 dogs, 2 twenty foot leashes, what could go horribly wrong? (Insert huge list here.)
We stick with standard 6' leashes for the rest of the time & never use retractables; well, Duke's red leash was an old retractable web leash that I ripped apart and sewed a loop on. Maggie's blue leash is almost 30 years old & was a horse lunge line; I cut the chain off and sewed a clip on. The sewing machine has more than paid for itself.

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