Saturday, June 30, 2012

Serena's Gotcha Day

Thanks for the mouse and the house!
On June 30, 2006 we brought Serena home as a friend for the Dude. He had been driving our older cat Daisy crazy after his best friend Lilly had to be put to sleep after a severe illness. We found Serena at the Kitty City Adoption Center, which is run by SPIN, or Stray Pets In Need, at Pet World in Natick.

Ooh, what's over there?
 Serena had just been spayed after having a litter of kittens. She had been found with a colony of cats living in an old mill building, and SPIN fostered her until she had the kittens and they were old enough to go to homes of their own. The adoption counselor suggested Serena as she was friendly, playful and would not be intimidated by a pushy tiger cat, plus she was the same age, only 1 year old.

This bird is cool too.
At home, Serena hopped out of the carrier and instantly started playing with all of the cat toys. The Dude and Miss Daisy looked horrified, and weren't sure what to do with this weird new cat. Daisy gave her disapproving stares and Serena was smart enough not to bother her.

Miss Daisy does not approve.

Dude, I totally see you.
The Dude decided to go with sneaky ninja attacks. You can see how well that worked. I think Serena was relieved when we got Ozzy and Cocoa, as the Dude then had someone else to focus on instead of constantly mounting really obvious sneak attacks!

This ladybug is super cool.

Serena still seems like a perma-kitten with her round face and squeaky little voice. She has soft bunny fur and tends to bunny hop instead of running, which is really cute, but does tend to get the dogs' attention. She is a sweet little cat that loves to cuddle, but she'll definitely stand up for herself, whether it's against a tiger cat now twice her size or an overexcited punk dog who wants to play chase.

Happy Gotcha Day, Serena Maria Antonia Sanchez! (Not that anyone asked, but she was named Serena at SPIN, the Mr. added the rest, and no, our last name isn't Sanchez, though that would be cool.)


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Serena! You are a pretty cool cat!

  2. Happy gotcha day! You are living the life now. Might I say you are as gorgeous as they day you were adopted!

  3. Happy Gotcha day and have a great Sunday!
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Happy Gotcha Day!!!! Serena looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Serena! She's adorable. (Of course that picture of Miss Daisy showing her disapproval takes the cake! Too funny.)

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